Alysse, Lety, & Regina are three best friends living in the big city trying their hand at this whole ‘blogging thing’. They met (at different times) in Boston and moved to New York together. They share a cozy little apartment in Brooklyn with two cats. Lety is in publishing, Alysse will have a Masters in social work, and Regina is in graduate school studying Media Studies. They love good tunes, great films, and recreational reading. They hope to use Double Groove to share their interests with the rest of the world wide web.


Double Groove started in February of 2013 after we decided to pool our blogging skills and online personas together in one place. We’re constantly trying our best to keep the site updated and interesting and we’re learning as we go along. The site was created, first and foremost, as a place for us to share what interests us, whether that means our latest musical obsessions, our current style inspirations, or cool places we enjoy visiting. Double Groove will be changing constantly—and we hope you stick around to see what comes next!


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