Derby Update 3: Skills Assessment Results

It’s been about a month or so since I last updated my derby progress (Update 1, Update 2). Well, the skills assessment came and went and guess what?

I PASSED! I made it to level 2!

Here’s my intimidating picture that I had to bring in. Scary huh?


I can’t believe how quickly 10 weeks just rolled (haha, pun) by. The last couple of practices leading up to the skills assessment introduced contact and a fun new game called Queen of the Rink. It’s a game where it’s everyone for themselves and the last one left standing (or in this case, skating) wins. The only rules are if you fall or roll out of bounds, you’re out and you have to legally hit someone out. It was the first taste of actual derby taste most of us have got. I lasted, oh about 30 seconds. I may have fallen, but I also took someone with me. Progress!

What I really enjoyed about level 1 was all the awesome ladies I got to meet and the coaches who made us sweat for 2 hours every Saturday morning. Everyone was friendly, encouraging and helpful. I can’t think of a better group to be learning this roller derby stuff with. While some of us are moving on to level 2 and some are returning to level ‘fun,’ I think that we’re going to be finding ways to hang out, skate during the week, and brunch after practices.

Things to work on for Level 2:
– 360 turns
– turn around toe stops
– endurance

I’ll end this post with a photo of us at a a GGRD game.




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