Oh Canada, Oh Canada.

Three years ago in 2010 I went on a trip with one of my good friend’s family to Niagara Falls and Toronto! I had never been to Canada before, and have not been since so it was a truly special vacation.

Well recently, I was looking through my video footage and I came across hours and hours silly moments I captured using a realllly terrible point and shoot. Well I had promised my friend and her family that I was going to eventually do something with it all so I figured, better late than never. It was also a great way to start editing again since videography was always a passion of mine but it is something I have fallen away from since college.

This was for fun, and my friend really enjoyed the memories all bundled into a short video so I’d say it was a mission accomplished even though the quality of the video was not up to par. I paired the video with a song by MGMT because in 2010 I am certain it was probably one of my most played tracks.

Okay, without further ado here it is!

Canada 2010 from Alysse Barsamian on Vimeo.

I hope to keep editing (especially since we are in the process of a big creative project for Metronome) and I’ll keep posting things here.

What are the ways you all creatively process your life’s special moments? ❤

alysse meow


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