Insta-Life: Catch Up With Me!

I guess my weekly instagram posts are slowly becoming occasional insta-life posts. Some of what I have been learning while blogging is that some things don’t work out the way you planned (or maybe that is just a life thing…who knows) but they do take shape and become something that works.

SO before I get all metaphysical on you guys, here’s some (well, 30) instagrams of my life over the course of the last few months!

nyc sushi OJ OJ mod cloth

A couple weeks ago, us here gals from Double Groove attended Mod Cloth’s Elegance for All Event which featured a pop-up shop. You can find Lety’s post about it here.

socks and loafers selfie 1

My new phone allows me to take “Selfies”.

regina coffee alysse regina andrew wk

A great band we’ve seen a few times, The So So Glos (check them out!) were up for an MTV O Music Award, so we went to check them out (below) and naturally ran into Andrew W.K. (above).

so so glos1 lety regina andrew wk

sum more andrew (above).

alysse regina soso glos 2 me and mom grad mac and cheese

One day I’ll write about my killah baked mac and cheese, fo now I just make ya’ll drool.

lety pop art big gay

Lety and I got some Big Gay Ice Cream as a end of my internship aka free labor hoorah. IT’S SO GOOD. Get that Salty Pimp, you won’t regret it.


Lety does cool tricks with her camera, that is a picture of me becoming my cat.

alysse sunglasses alysse regina prince love oj1 regina bed sarah midsummer

My friend Sarah invited me to Swedish Midsummer. It was amazing. We ate and laughed and celebrated the begining of summer with a very large pole decorated with flowers that is to resemble a male’s junk.

neils coffee shop lety regina soso glos 2 lety hair lety city lety alysse selfie alysse clogs alysse regina gorilla

Gorilla Coffee is the Best Coffee.

all three so so glos 9th street

How gorgeous is this sunset at the 4th Ave train station on the F/G? Summer nights are seriously the greatest.

Hope you all snag some great sunsets this week! alysse meow

p.s. All of the text, resizing, and cropping on my instagram photos was done with the A Beautiful Mess App (it’s only $.99 and wonderful!)


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