Road to Roller Derby: An Update

Life has been unexpectedly busy lately, but I finally have some time to update on my roller derby training! Read my first roller derby post here. So far, we’ve had 4 practice sessions and let me tell you, this roller derby thing is going to kick my butt into shape! I can feel my leg muscles starting to develop (stairs have been my enemy for the past month or so), but I’ve never been so happy to be sweatin’ while on skates. POWER BOX! CORE! Beware, this post has a lot of selfies, because well, that’s life!

Here’s what I looked like after the first practice. (I’m wearing my mouthguard here)

Hawt, right?

In addition to off-skate conditioning at the beginning of every practice (planks and squats. A LOT OF SQUATS), so far we’ve learned how to stop (t-stop/plow), balance on one skate (started on crossovers), and controlled falling. I’ve realized, after the first practice, that working out in between practices is VERY IMPORTANT. It helps build up my muscle and stamina. Oh man, does it help.I’m still having issues with the t-stop so that’s something that I’ll be working on extra. If anyone has any roller skating places in the NYC or Brooklyn area, let me know! I’m not sure if Hudson Riverbank Park in the UWS is open yet, but I’m open to as much skating as I can. Also, if any of you derby folks have pointers on t-stops, please feel free to comment. I’ve been watching youtube videos, but personal experience is always helpful.

Balance is another thing I’m working on during the week. I’ve been balancing on one foot while on the subway, standing in line at he store or just doing the dishes and cooking. I may look a bit silly, but that’s perfectly fine with me.

I also got to volunteer at a bout! I helped sell merch at the June 15th bout at Coney Island. Here’s a selfie!

Queens of Pain played Manhattan Mayhem. Queens won.

The men’s roller derby team also played! New York Shock Exchange vs. Your Mom (Iowa). Your Mom ended up the victors.

I have an open skate tomorrow morning so I’ll be practicing my T-Stops and controlled falls on my non-dominant side. Until next time!

Also, how great is this article on Jezebel on how to clean your roller derby pads? 

That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow.




3 responses to “Road to Roller Derby: An Update

  1. only pointer I have on t-stop is to not put to much pressure on your wheels when your first start, start by just getting your foot behind and gliding, then start putting the pressure down, this means you have control before you have the force! hope this helps 🙂
    All Time Low – South Side Derby Dolls – Sydney Australia

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