Introducing Metronome!

Well, hello there again!

I am so happy to finally share with you my new business. It’s been a very excited and creative couple months (and busy!) and today marks the birth of my Etsy Shop, Metronome!

DSC_0087 DSC_0075 DSC_0076

((These are from a recent Flea Market I attended; Photos were all taken by Lety!))

I have been spending long days and nights purchasing vintage clip-on earrings and repurposing them into pretty little collar clips. All of the materials I use are different parts of jewelry that has lost it’s gleam and needed a little luvin’.

The collar clip itself, it a versatile piece of jewelry that is often worn on the collar or the sweater ((as a sweater guard)) but can also be clipped together and worn as a bracelet.

Here are some pictures, but you should all go check out my shop!

On the Branch of the Truffula Trees2

“On the Branches of the Truffula Trees”

The Greatest Love Story

“The Greatest Love Story”

fleur de lis2

“Fleur de Lis”

Pin Me Up Girl2

“Pin Me Up Girl”

Here’s a preview of what it would look like on!

One Love Collar2“One Love” ((Thanks to Lety for modeling!))

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you guys and gals are all able to check out Metronome soon!

alysse meow


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