Road to Roller Derby

Hello Readers! It’s been a while since we’ve updated (life, man) but there’s been a new development that I’d like to write about.

I signed up for roller derby!

Now, I’m a fairly small (i.e short) person, but I’ve been wanting to try derby for a few years. Well, “Whip It” also played a big part in wanting to try it out. Anyways. I think it’s a great way to get back into shape and to try something new, or at least meet more people. I have nothing to lose and it’s a nice change of pace. Plus all the women seem bad-ass!

Gotham Girls Roller Derby is a league here in NYC that offers a training sessions for those who are completely new to roller skating and are interested in learning roller derby. They teach you how to skate, fall correctly, and so on. There’s more information here.

I’m going to be in recreational training level 1, which is non-contact. I think the last time I roller skated was in middle school. I’m hoping that it’s like riding a bike, you know?

I went to buy my skates and all required protection today from Five Stride Skate Shop (owned by Gotham Girl Bonnie Thunders) and I just got really excited because now, it’s completely real. It’s really happening.  They were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, which was awesome because I really don’t know anything about the right type of protection. There’s even a discount if you’re signed up for a session!

Normally, you don’t pick out a derby name until you join an actually team but I already have mine chosen: Margot TenenBOMBS.

I’ll be posting updates throughout the 10 week training session to give you a little glimpse of my road to roller derby.

Happy skating!

– Lety (aka Margot TenenBOMBS)

ps. I definitely recommend going to see a bout if you’re in the area!
More info at:

All photos via my instagram


5 responses to “Road to Roller Derby

  1. Awesome!! My daughter skates with a local junior league and it’s been one if the best experiences for her and our whole family. Have a great time!! 🙂

    • I knowwwwwwww. I was so torn.

      But if the Margot one is already being used (ie if I decide to continue and get on a derby team), Zelda is my back-up.

      Hopefully, Zelda isn’t taken either. 😐

  2. There are already two Margot Tenenbomb’s in New England FYI – one in Pioneer Valley Roller Derby and one in Maine Roller Derby. Its probably fine for now to keep, but just be aware you may meet them on the track. has most of the registered names, but it a year behind being registered.

    • Ah, thanks for the info! I do have back-up names.

      IF I do decide to continue it and actually get on a derby team, I’ll keep that website in mind.


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