The Road to Boston – A Mix

What’s this? A post on a Sunday? In the words of Uncle Vernon, “there’s no post on Sundays.” Sorry to burst your bubble dudes, but I’m actually posting…on Sunday!

One of my best friends lives in Boston and I try to visit her once or twice a month so we can A) hang out and b) eat Noodle St. (Note: if you ever visit Boston, eat at Noodle St). I used to live in Boston, so any chance to go, I take it. A NYC to Boston bus ride is about 4 – 5 hours depending on traffic and the bus you’re on. As I was riding the bus back to NYC today, I created a playlist that represented my trip. Most are just songs that are stuck in my head at the moment with some Boston based bands thrown in. Enjoy!

1) Modern World – The Modern Lovers

2) Impatience – We Are Scientists

3) Ghost With A Boner – Diarrhea Planet

4) A More Perfect Union – Titus Andronicus

5) Hibernate – Pretty & Nice

6) Creatures – You Can Be A Wesley

7) (Making) Teenage Faces – The Exploding Hearts

8) Out Here All Night – Damone

9) A Real Hero – College feat. Electric Youth

10) Dirty Water – The Standells

*Of course I had to end with “Dirty Water”



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