Hello Folks, It is Sunday (can you believe it?!) which means it’s time for my week in instagram. I didn’t post last week ((That week was so busy I didn’t really take many pictures)) so this week is a bit of a combination between the two. I spent my week  at home in Massachusetts for spring break. It was the perfect combination of family and friends, fun and relaxation. Also, it wasn’t warm (it snowed twice!) but I did accomplish to drink Margaritas all week ((YUM))!! Here’s some snapshots.

shoes and bags merica leigha


liz and alysse jason and margs sasha and cooper

These two pups are my friend’s little dogs. I spent the night at their house and Sasha and Cooper (these doggies) snuggled up with me allll night. It was wonderful.

bowling shoes rach and alysse 60s hair laila and leigha

I was sent off back to NYC by my three nieces. They’re so crazy.

I hope you all got to share some time with your family and friends this week too. ❤

alysse meow


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