Event Recap: We Are Scientists 3/7/2013

Last Thursday, I was fortunate enough to attend the free We Are Scientists show at the Gap in Herald Square. I know what you’re thinking, a show at the Gap? Yep. Filter Magzine, Tumblr and Gap hosted a night of free shows in 3 different cities for SXSW. See below.


I’ve loved WAS for a while and the last time I saw them live was in 2005. I can’t believe how long it’s been. Unacceptable! I signed up for the RSVP and jumped for joy when I got my confirmation letter. The weather was horrible and waiting outside for an hour before getting into the Gap was miserable but I was able to score a front row spot…right in front of Keith. I mean, it was awkwardly close and there was a lot of eye contact going on lol.  (Warning: I’m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to Keith Murray and I apologize that the following pictures are mostly of him, but can you blame me?)

I’ve never had so much fun in a Gap store before! I can’t wait until they play in NYC again. Also, there was a kid with a bear jacket on that got pulled on stage by the band to dance for a few songs.

Here are some blurry iphone photos. I was having way too much fun to worry about getting a clear picture. Enjoy!







Here’s a video that I found on youtube. You can see me bopping and hopping in sync with Keith as he moves to the center. lol.

I had to ask for a picture. NO REGRETS.


4 responses to “Event Recap: We Are Scientists 3/7/2013

    • ah, wasn’t it great? We had a short chat. I mostly spoke with Chris though because turns out I crashed a party he was at back in January. I didn’t know whose party it was so he helped me solve the mystery birthday party. ha.

      I hope they play in NYC again soon!

      • Ah alright that’s cool! Ermm I don’t know when they play in the city again but they play in Connecticut on Saturday the 13th of April to support Muse. You should go! Two great bands

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