This week was full of adventures! It was the kind of week where you feel so tired that by Sunday you are happy just doing nothing (in a good way!). Here are some pictures.

clementines ribbon cat

This is one of our cats Orange Juice (OJ). I hemmed a newly thrifted romper, and tied him up with all the scraps. I know, I’m terrible!

shake shack

This cheeseburger is heaven. This is Shake Shack.

shred life

This is what happens after Shake Shack.


On Saturday three of my very special friends came to visit me. I was so happy! We started our day early in Chinatown.

adventures in chinatown bubbles

Then headed to SOHO, where we RAN INTO Lety and Regina! How silly! (They were eating cool waffles!)

lety and regina stoop heidi and ashley five guys

We couldn’t resist cheeseburgers at Five Guys. So many cheeseburgers!

60th street

It was a wonderful day and a little tough to say goodbye.

This week is going to be a really busy one; papers and midterms in all of my classes, including deadlines for work! Thank goodness Spring Break is just around the corner.

Have a wonderful week my friends. I have a feeling that some Rilo Kiley might be helping me do just that.

alysse meow


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