A Photo A Day (Keeps The Doctor Away?)

I’ve been using my camera a lot more recently and boy, does it feel fantastic! One of my courses this semester requires a lot of photo work, so I’ve done my best to carry it with me at all times. It’s been tough but also very rewarding!

Here’s what we’ve been up to (warning this post is very photo heavy!):

_MG_3679 _MG_3699 _MG_3701 _MG_3703 _MG_3709 _MG_3710 _MG_3726 _MG_3729 _MG_3803 _MG_3823 _MG_3825 _MG_3826 _MG_3849 _MG_3861 _MG_3867 _MG_3870 _MG_3900 _MG_3998 _MG_4015 _MG_4032

I’m off to enjoy what is left of my Sunday with a little X-Files marathon, some hot chocolate, and a cat (or two). Here’s hoping you had a great week as well!


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