On My Wish List

Today is my day off. I am currently still sitting in my bed with my pretty kitty and a cup of tea, usually when this happens, and I am not reading, I end up internet window shopping pretty badly! Here are a couple things that caught my attention this morning.

This Cake Stand


Oh my goodness. I have been wanting a cake stand for quite some time now. I keep thinking that I am going to stumble across one thrifting, but alas, I’ve not had any  luck. Although this particular one is very much out of my price range (costing $495.00 USD) but I have fallen head over heels. LOOK AT THAT RUFFLE.

The Devils Pet Candle

The-Devils-Pet The-Devils-Pet2-A3

Designed by Thorunn Arnadottir, this little candle shaped liked a geometric kitty, complete with it’s ball of yarn, melts into the kitty’s skeleton. How sweet is that?

These Sandals

saltwater sandals

These sandals by “Salt Water Sandles” will make the perfect addition to my closet. White always looks good in the summer, especially on tan skin, even though the upkeep is a little more than other colors. I am also in love with these sandals in red too, but I’ve just ordered these clogs  and don’t want too many pairs of red sandals!

This Phrenology Head


I have ALWAYS wanted a phrenology head. I think they look so cool (besides the historical concept, ah, you know, I am pretty interested in psychology or whatever). This one from ModCloth is a container so it actually opens and you can store goodies right where the brain would sit! It would give me the perfect place to store my bracelets!

This Dress


I graduate in May, which gives me a pretty special occasion to shop for (my favorite kinds of special occasions). I already ordered my shoes, the red clogs mentioned above, and just need a dress. Welp, I pretty much just fell in love with this one from Anthropologie. I am really digging it’s 70s vibe and it would look great with my shoes.

Now the only question is: What color tights would you wear?!

alysse meow


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