Night Out: Twin Peaks Bingo

“The owls are not what they seem…”

Let’s talk about Twin Peaks. Regina and I are HUGE fans, ridiculously huge, so we jumped at the chance to go to a Twin Peaks related event.  We also have a lot of love of Kyle MacLachlan (COOP<3) but that’s another blog entry. We’re such big fans that we had Twin Peaks related costumes in 2011. See below.
*note: We’re currently in the process of making Alysse watch the show to bring her up to our level of obsession*


The first thing I noticed when I moved to New York last year was that the spirit of Twin Peaks was alive and well in Brooklyn. In fact, one of the first events I did was go to a bar that was celebrating Dale Cooper’s birthday and it was packed!

Videology in Williamsburg hosts a Twin Peaks bingo night about once a week (calendar here) and last night was the first time we’ve been able to go.

We obviously had to dress the part.



Episodes 3&4 were played.


If you got a bingo, you won a free drink or a donut. Surprisingly, all 3 of us won a free drink. Yay.

The room was packed.


All in all, this place and event is Cooper approved.


See you there next week!


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