Album Of The Moment: JD McPherson’s “Signs & Signifiers”

I have difficulty finding modern music that makes me feel the way songs and musicians from the 50s and 60s do—it might be because I grew up on these songs so it’s comforting or the fact that music these days makes absolutely no sense to me (although I’m leaning towards the latter)—but once in a while, I’ll find myself falling in love with something new.

Enter JD McPherson’s 2010 album “Signs and Signifiers”.


If you’ve had the chance to listen to this album at all, you’ll probably understand why I enjoyed it in the first place. Every track on the album perfectly captures the big sound of 1950’s rockabilly, which I happen to be a big fan of, while still managing to sound new. It’s got the foundation of rock ‘n roll, while adding new and exciting twists that other bands who attempt to undertake the same mission fail at. It doesn’t sound like any modern rockabilly, but rather, seems to pay homage to the sounds of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, and Carl Perkins, without seeming cliché or dated.

I’ve had the track “North Side Girl” on repeat for months now and I still can’t say that I’m sick of it.


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