D.I.Y: Polka-Dot Scarf

Hello, friends! (and why hello there, Abe, dude, it’s President’s Day!)

scarf and tea

This long weekend (Thanks to our Presidents!) was filled with some relaxing downtime and a simple afternoon D.I.Y.! I bought a plain white scarf a little while ago, hoping to copy something Lety made, a D.I.Y CONSTELLATIONS SCARF (that she saw on A Beautiful Mess: here) (And it came out so pretty!!). She stamped stars with fabric paint and then stitched them together to make constellations.

lety constellation scarf

However, I decided that I wanted to make something a little different. I thought about different prints I could make (such as these pretty ones, also on A Beautiful Mess; can you tell we’re fans?) and decided on something easy and simple for my first printed scarf, POLKA-DOTS.


You can find any ole plain scarf for this project, you just want to make sure the fabric itself will be conducive to a print. A scarf with an intricate pattern or a lot of holes might not work well. The fabric paint I worked with already had a round tip, so I didn’t have to worry about making perfectly round dots.

rotate dots

To start, place your scarf on a flat surface. I chose to use cardboard because the scarf is very thin and the paint bled through. I then used my tape measure (you could also use a ruler) to space out my dots. I used even inches for the first row (so dots on inch 2, 4, 6, etc.) and for the second row I used odd inches (dots on inch 1, 3, 5, etc.). I kept this pattern throughout the making of the scarf in order to create evenly spaced polka-dots.


Because the scarf was easily manipulated, some of my polka-dots didn’t end up as evenly spaced as I wished (the scarf would stretch or move depending where I held it). But no worries, once the scarf is all tied up, you can’t even tell!

Oh! If you have cats, make sure you don’t let the scarf hang off the side of the table, you’ll be sure to have a tug-of-war with your kitty!


So pretty! I am very excited to pair this baby with my jean jacket once it’s a little warmer out!

Hope you all try printing your own scarves! I am thinking I might try an animal print next time. XOXO Alyssemeow


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