10 Things I Love About My Life.

I have decided to change my attitude a bit about Valentine’s Day. I might be caving into society norms and card company tactics, however, I am taking this as an opportunity to express, to myself, all the love I have for myself and in my life! So tomorrow, I won’t be sitting in front of the television watching movies like “Blue Valentine” (but oh, how I do love me some Ryan Gosling) or “He’s Just Not into You” (ps I wrote this as “he’s just not that into me”, I wonder what I’m really thinking about deep down), but instead I am going to take time to myself (& with Regina & Lety) to indulge in some of the things that make me happy.

As some of you know, a little project we have been working on here, are our Valentine’s Day Mixes (Click here for all of them!), but to really get this love fest started, I am going to post about some of the very special things I hold close to my heart today.

1. First of All, I love me! Okay, I know what y’all are thinking in your head (maybe something along the lines of, what a little pompous ass), but seriously, loving yourself is a life long journey that most of us humans are on, and a little self-praise never hurt no one! (PS I ALSO LOVE MY NEW PINK LIPSTICK)

Photo on 2013-02-09 at 12.46 #2

Alright, alright, enough of that.


_MG_3355 _MG_3356

3. I also love my cats, like a lot, Bart & OJ.

bart oj

4. My Roommates; These gurls are bitchin’ (you should see lety’s “Fat Amy” impression).

561569_10151136109776476_538290617_n 578060_3082111980256_596636376_n

5. Baklava & baking in general, but really just Baklava.


6. Pyrex. I have been collecting vintage pyrex for a little while now, mostly thrifting, I am OBSESSED.


7. Decorating, I am constantly changing my space!

_MG_3360 _MG_3349 _MG_3346 _MG_3402 _MG_3354 _MG_3380


iced coffee instagram

9. The Bell Jar & Wuthering Heights.



10. Patsy Cline. Below is a video of a song that has been on repeat for the last couple weeks or so (and is on my Autumn in New York playlist). Look at Patsy in this video, she is just perfect.

Take some time to reflect on all of the little things that you love too! XOXO


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