One More Night

Although I personally believe Valentine’s Day is just really stupid (I know, I am just impressively articulate) myself, Lety, and Regina have all been bingeing on songs about love in honor of this materialized and consumeristic holiday.

The first playlist I will be posting is composed by songs that represent the way love can be experienced in one night, whether that be one night stands or the one night you have with the love of your dreams. Or maybe it’s that silly little chance you have to spend with a lover you lost, either way sit back, enjoy, and reminisce about the way your own love has cultivated itself into a one night affair.

“Tonight You Belong to Me”- Eddie Vedder (With Cat Power)

“To Be Alone With You”- Bob Dylan

“I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”- The Beau Brummels

“One Night With You”- Elvis Presley

“One Night Stand”- Janis Joplin

“One More Night in Brooklyn”- Justin Townes Earle

“Spend the Night”- Deer Tick

“One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead)”- Stars

Check out the Valentine’s Day Mix tag for more playlists of the like.


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