Twenty Five before Twenty Five

Twenty five before 3When I turned 24 this year (now almost 3 months ago!) I decided to make a list of things I wanted to accomplish before the year was up. Below you will find the 25 goals, trips, projects, and dreams that I hope to complete before November 29th, 2013, the day I turn the ripe old age of Twenty Five (YIKES!).

There are no rules, except they need to be completed. They are numbered, but not ordered. And they will all be documented here.

Alright, my friends. Here we go…..

1. Learn to knit, I crochet a lot, but knitting scares me!

2. Embroider something, perhaps a pillow.

3. Sew a dress.

4. Start a book club.

5. Make my own loose tea and spices.

6. Join a bowling league.

7. Take 10 pictures of people I don’t know.

8. Road Trip.

9. Start a garden.

10. Start a new Blog.

11. Leave someone I don’t know a note.

12. Attend a deaf event.

13. Re-learn French.

14. Crochet a new and challenging hat.

15. Learn to cook or bake something new, Macaroons perhaps?

16. Perform with one of my many (silly) bands! (aka, bands with Lety and Regina).

17. Learn a song on my Mandolin.

18. Go to Ellis Island to find my great-grandparents names.

19. Start a business (think etsy).

20. Volunteer somewhere in Brooklyn.

21. Go Salsa dancing.

22. Photograph my Mam and Bamp (my grands).

23. Do something adventurous in all five Boroughs.

24. Send a care package to someone, and write letters to my loved ones.

25. Thrift something special.

If you wonderful people have any other suggestions, let me know!


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