A Photo A Day (Keeps The Doctor Away?)

We’re already two months into the new year and things have been exciting over here in Brooklyn. I’m aching to be creative again but it’s been rather difficult to focus my energy on a single project or idea. I’m taking 2013 as my turning point–I’m slowly reconnecting with my love of photography and I’m planning on using my camera more often.


The best way to grow and improve your skills as a photographer is simple–take more photographs. It’s been ages since I carried my camera with me on a daily basis, but I’m looking forward to doing just that.

Here are some of the photographs I’ve taken over the last few months.
_MG_3152 _MG_3176

_MG_2775 _MG_2777 _MG_3001 _MG_3054_2 IMG_2852

IMG_2473 IMG_2687 IMG_2712

They’re mostly photographs of Alysse and Lety (a lot of Lety) but it’s a start, right? I’m hoping to start posting a weekly entry, showcasing what I’ve been up to and some of the photographs I’ve taken, so be on the lookout for more photos from me in the future!


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