An Introduction to Lety

Hi, I’m Lety. I’m a Brooklyn transplant straight outta California and currently a roller derby girl in training. Shout out to Gotham Girls!

I also REALLY love books…and reading. I work for a big publishing company in the city (Surprised? No? Ok, cool) and I have a semi-healthy obsession with Twin Peaks (I LOVE YOU DALE COOPER), Bill Murray, space, and Bruce Campbell.  In my spare time I also photoshop myself in Ryan Gosling candids.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I will most likely be blogging about current books I’m reading and excited about, concerts I attend and everything in between…but lets face it, it will mostly be books. Fiction, non-fiction, I’ll try to write about it all. I do have one banned book: 50 Shades of Gray because, well, ew.

My Goodreads account is a great place to see what type of books I’ve read/am reading/plan to read.

I guess that’s it. Read on fellow nerds!
xo, Lety

One more thing: I cannot stand GIRLS and the only reason I watch it is so that I can accurately hate on it.



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